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Social Work

The Department of Social Work is staffed by experienced professional social workers. Each unit has an assigned social worker and a social work supervisor to ensure that all of our residents' psycho-social needs are met.

For short-term rehabilitation residents, our social workers will meet with the resident and their family upon admission to begin discussing the services that will be required for a safe discharge. Prior to discharge a plan of care is put in place to provide for a smooth transition back to the community.

Our long term residents and their family members receive ongoing social work services throughout their stay. Kings Harbor social workers also provide referrals to Palliative and End-of-Life Hospice Care when needed.

A social worker is available six days a week, with evening hour appointments upon request. Special translation services are available, facilitating communication and enhancing a sense of comfort and security. The Family Council provides additional support to the family members of our residents.

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