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Kings Harbor Multicare Center offers a wide range of person-centered therapeutic programming.


Our Alzheimer’s/Dementia programming provides focused care based on where the individual is on the spectrum of their diagnosis.


When we assess a person for therapeutic programming, we like to learn as much as we can about the individual, the more we know, the more we can use to help elicit responses and participation , and we do this by engaging them in programs that are equal to their level of care and need.


We offer an on sight day care program within the long term setting where the individual spends the day with a group of their peers, they enjoy a variety of activities;  painting, adult coloring, music and dancing including wheelchair dancing to name a few.  


During their day in the program, lunch and snacks are served; they are under the care of a Certified Nursing Assistant and a Therapeutic Recreation Leader, as well as a Registered Nurse.


This program is offered in both Spanish and English.


We understand how challenging it can be to families as they watch their loved one change due to Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias, but at Kings Harbor we are committed and dedicated to the individual, the patient, the resident…the person.  That is why person centered care is our highest priority.


Our staff is trained to move along at the persons pace and adjust their level of care and need as it arises.  As they move along the spectrum of the disease the spectrum of care moves as well to continue to meet them where they are.

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