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Corporate Compliance Program

Detect & Prevent Fraud, Waste & Abuse


  • Federal False Claims Act

  • Federal Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act

  • New York Law Regarding False Claims

  • New York Health Care Fraud Laws

  • Billing and Claims Activities that may Violate the Law e.g. Billing for Services or Supples not Rendered, Submitting a Claim Containing Known False Information or Omitting Material Information, Filling a Claim for Services not Medically necessary, Altering Claim Forms, Arrange to Get Paid Twice, Revising a Claim for a Service that is not Covered, Misrepresenting the Services Performed, Falsifying Records, Omitting Material Information, Scheming with Another Person, etc.

  • Name and telephone number of Kings Harbor's Compliance Officer is posted in the lobby of SNF, Pavilion and Manor building by the Security Desk​​

CC Officer: Mr. David Berkowitz

For more information, CLICK HERE to download additional documents.

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