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Comfort, Security, and Peace of Mind.

Welcome to Kings Harbor Multicare Center

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Our Board Certified Medical Director 
works closely with physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners, to ensure quality of care. Our providers work closely with all hospitals in the Bronx and neighboring communities. 


Our nursing team develops therapeutic relationships and close bonds with our residents by assuring that each patient is treated with dignity as an individual with their health and well-being as the primary goal.

Kings Harbor Multicare Center offers one of the most comprehensive Rehabilitation facilities (both inpatient and outpatient) available in the NY Metropolitan area. All rehabilitation services delivered are specially designed to meet the particular needs of our residents.

The focus is on individual treatment in order to speed recuperation and to ensure a smooth transition between hospital and home. Our experienced rehabilitation staff in the area of orthopedics will focus treatments on returning residents to a full and active lifestyle in the shortest time.

At Kings Harbor, we have developed a Renal Care Team to coordinate the medical and nutritional needs of dialysis residents. This team is comprised of Board Certified Nephrologists, dialysis nurses and certified renal dietitians. 

Our staff is trained to move along at the persons pace and adjust their level of care and need as it arises.  As they move along the spectrum of the disease the spectrum of care moves as well to continue to meet them where they are.

Social, creative, and intellectual simulation are key to a resident's emotional and physical well-being. Recreational programs are designed for each resident's individual ability, providing an opportunity for self expression and encouraging social interaction.

The Department of Social Work is staffed by experienced professional social workers. Each unit has an assigned social worker and a social work supervisor to ensure that all of our residents' psycho-social needs are met.

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